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Children Commercial Modeling














Children's Commercial Modeling Workshop

7 Sessions - Includes photoshoot

Course Description


We are offering a fun and exciting children's ON-CAMERA Television Commercial Acting Workshop

(sessions 1-3) in combination with a print modeling photo workshop (sessions 4-6).


This workshop allows your child to expand their own creative dramatic expression and star in their own television commercials through learning standard auditioning techniques used in the television and film industry. The print modeling photo workshop helps build your child's awareness of body movement and photo posing techniques for the still camera necessary for local, national and international fashion shoots. This workshop also includes an on-location professional photo shoot plus composite cards.


The purpose of this workshop is to build self-confidence, create an understanding of the television commercial acting and modeling industry, and prepare, package, and promote our upcoming young stars. Each child is given the opportunity to experience the challenges of acting and modeling in a small intimate classroom setting.

Enrollment is limited. 

For more information or to register, call (808) 737-7917

Anchor 1


Session 1 

- Introduction & Orientation

- Creative Facial Expressions, Body Language & Vocal Games

- Slating Techniques & Eye Contact to the Camera

- Beginners Commercial Auditioning Techniques

- One-liner Script Reading


Session 2 

- Importance of On-Camera Animation and Energy

- Working with Props, Questions & Answers

- Multiple Script Reading Techniques


Session 3  

- Cold Reading Techniques w/Props

- Relating to Other Actors

- Rehearsed Script Reading

- Students Star in their Own Commercial!


PRICE: $225



Session 4  

- Introduction to Photo Posing

- Expressions and Bodyline

- Body Movement for Catalog & Commercial Print


Session 5 

- Parents: Wardrobe Check and Selection for Photo Shoot

- Print Posing with Props & Posing Games

- Advanced Catalog & Commercial Print Posing


Session 6  

- On-Location Professional Model's Color Photo Shoot

- 2 Looks w/ Styling, 25 Composite Cards for industry use


PRICE: $275




Session 7
- Students and Parents Graduation

- Review TV Commercial Acting Tape

- Functions of an Agency & How it All Works

- Functions of the Modeling & Acting Industry

- How to be a Successful Kid Model & Actor!

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